October 12, 2022 Cheerio Admin

Sue Hallett has an item for sale

Items for Sale:

Items: Dress, Full Zip Hoodie with pockets, Warm Up Top, Purple Briefs

Condition: Excellent

Size: Dress: M, Hoodie: XS/16, Warm up top: Ladies 16, Briefs:M+5

Dress: $50, Hoodie:$45, Top:$40, Briefs:$10 (see total for all next page or can sell individually)

Price : $145

Seller’s Contact Details:
Sue Hallett

Created On: Oct 12, 2022

Note: Please ask the seller if the items you are looking to purchase have any “Phoenix” logo or wording. If they do, you must understand that these items are not part of current club uniform and cannot be used.