Cheerio Netball Club


Please find below the Cheerio team lists for the 2023/24 Summer Netball Season. It is great to see so many new and returning players.

Congratulations and welcome to everyone!

Please Note:

  1. All positions are subject to re-grading within the first 4 weeks, if necessary
  2. All positions are subject to players being financial (full fees paid or a payment plan organised) – if you need to pay your fees or organise a payment plan please email the treasurer at
  3. If you have any issues with the selection, please follow the grievance procedure by completing the Application for Selection Review and submitting it to the Secretary at No other means of communication regarding selections will be accepted.
  4. If you do not see your name listed below, please contact the Secretary at

There will be a training sessions for on Tuesday 10th October  6.00-7.30pm for Juniors and 7.30 – 9.00pm for Seniors at Netball SA Stadium.

Coaches will be in contact with their teams over the coming weeks.


Seniors + Inters – Tuesday Evenings

Tuesday October 17 2023 – Tuesday December 12 2024 (Christmas Break)
Tuesday January 30 2024 – Tuesday March 12 2024

Tuesday March 5 2024
Tuesday March 12 2024

Juniors – Friday Evenings

Friday October 20 2023- Friday December 15 2024 (Christmas Break)
Friday February 2 2024 – Friday March 1 2024 

Friday March 8 2024
Friday March 15 2024

The 2023/24 Summer Teams

First Senior
Michelle Betts
Bree Burns
Taylah Freyer
Amy Fry
Luann Hand
Jaymee- Lee Joyce
Georgia Lubcke
Katelyn Pitt
Alannah Williams
Second Senior
Jasmine Attwood- McEwan
Amelia Clothier
Jasmine Dale
Brigid Keane
Sarah Kilpatrick
Sharon Kojo
Caitlin Le Plastrier
Tanysha Lodge
Chloe Pahl
Emily Whittaker
Scarlet Cowan
Claire Emerson
Sasha Glaros
Alexis Halman
Maeve Hignett
Niamh Keane
Veronica Keane
Amelia Martin
Sequoia Pitt
First Junior 
Zahli Clothier
Zoe Emerson
Olivia Leek
Keeley Pitt
Lucia Reseigh Farchione
Lily Rizzuto
Annika Stinchcombe
Georgina Sutton
Cartier Wood
Second Junior
Elise Aufiero
Isabella Bottger
Sadie Clarke- newman
Savannah Coomans
Sophie Knights
Georgia Leek
Maddie McGregor
Amelia Reid
Milla Robinson
Paige Wormald
First Sub-Junior 
Madeline Abberdan
Adele Berryman
Mikayla Button
Olivia Evangelou
Skyler Luong
Divya Rajasekaran
Addison Smith
Caitlyn Strangways
Emilia Wreczycki
Second Sub-Junior 
Lacey Blucher
Sophie Bryant
Ivy Diprose
Zoe Evangelou
Lola Martin
Kari McLelland
Keira Morphett
Lily Symons
Sofia Vlahos
Third Sub-Junior 
Gabrielle- Gracy Kaur Chahota
Matilda Coomans
Lily Kotorac
Lydia Murphy
Isabella Panton
Korale Rathnayaka
Maelise Reseigh Farchione
Linda Sameer
Tamara Stanisic
First Primary 
Chloe Horowitz
Grace Lekatis
Caela Letada
Olivia Long
Mikayla Louros
Sadie Mcphillips
Gabriella Portelli
Maria Stratis
Second Primary 
Brielle Forby
Evangeline Hawkins
Olivia Jones
Harliv Kaur
Ruby O’Brien
Lotye Parker
Teya Pursche
Senudi Senaratna
Lenni Sitkowski
Third Primary 
Maja Cetojevic
Juliet McMahon
Alexis Nagle
Ella Nicholson
Alexia Pau
Ellie Rankin
Sofia Saad
Lila Safi
Bethany Seaton
First Sub-Primary 
Mia Cottam
Miller Gunston
Mila Heading
Alison Murphy
Amelie Parker
Stella Pau
Charlotte Quach
Zoya Singh
Piper Turner
Second Sub-Primary 
Layla Abdallah
Maya Benson
Angelique Brinias
Sofia La Vista
Aanya Milan
Audrey Quach
Isabel Rhodes
Isha Roberts
Havannah Ryan
Giuliana Todd
Esther Walker White