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2018 AMND Winter Teams Announcement

Hi Players,

Please find below the Cheerio Netball Club Team lists for the 2018 AMND Winter Netball Season.

All Coaches will be announced shortly and will contact you to introduce themselves and to advise of training dates and times.

Congratulations to everyone!Cheerio Netball Club Summer

Please Note:

  1. All positions are subject to re-grading if necessary, and particular consideration will be given to placement of individuals who did not have the opportunity to trial.
  2. All positions are subject to players being financial (full fees paid or a payment plan organised) – if you need to pay your fees or organise a payment plan please email the treasurer at
  3. If you have any issues with the selection, please follow the grievance procedure by completing the Application for Selection Review and submitting it to the Secretary at No other means of communication regarding selections will be accepted.

For the upcoming AMND Winter season dates please hit the button below.

AMND Season Dates

2018 AMND Winter Teams


Senior Squad Team 1 &2 
Amber Van Heteren
Heidi Pycroft
Bree Burns
Erin McWaters
Jaimee Trewartha
Jaimi A’court
Megan Tscharke
Imogen Birt
Lisa Durbridge
Brooke Turner
Kelly Moyle
Steph Nelson
Alisha Lyall
Lauren Sutton
Sally George
Kelly Girven
Aliena Lyall
Michelle Betts
Senior Team 3
Chelsea Boylan
Sherilee Matheson
Holly Carbone
Caitlyn Muhrs
Rebekah Carman
Raquel Kerdel
Sian Williams
Michaela Olds
Senior Team 4
Brooke Richardson
Sarah Fry
Meg Niendorf
Amy Fry
Chelsea Crabtree
Emily Hingston
Danielle Crabtree
Amber Kerdel
Inters Team 1 (U17)
Erin McSorley
Madison Lasscock
Lily Sayers
Abby Nicolle
India Huppatz
April Hollyoak
Rikki Andreopoulos
Beverly Wambo
Tiana Poulton
Hannah Mackenzie
Alice Guy
Junior Team 1 (U15)
Dani Carman
Ella Beinssen
Gabrielle Birt
Harriet Brindley
Abbey Bennet
Harriet O’Reardon
Stella Egan
Tanysha Lodge
Brigid Keane
Junior Team 2 (U15)
Lauren Mastrippolito
Tanika Ciacciarelli
Ebony Bonner
Abby Bowman
Ashlyn Sobey
Tijana Jaksic
Chloe Beresford
Lottie Sayers
Junior Team 3 (U15)
Lucy Best
Isabella Rafini
Michelle Tran
Laetitia Rafini
Cherice Prest
Claudia Walker-Roberts
Makayla Burrows
Faith McKenzie
Sub-Junior Team 1 (U13)
Erin Dixon
Orlani Pennell
Poppy Letcher
Alisa Bassarova
Piper Walsh
Michaela Scardigno
Sienna Lindsay
Abbey Thompson
Sub Junior Team 2 (U13)
Poppy Sheridan
Maia Blagden
Alixis Langman
Stella Jolly
Amelie Vanderent
Meron Asefa
Savanna Prest
Abbey Curtis Best
Jessica Vitalone
Primary Team 1 (U11)
Holly Sobey
Niamh Keane
Veronica Keane
Emily Silvestri
Chloe Berggren-Levitt
Claire Emerson
Felicity Cox
Kelly Modystach
Primary Team 2 (U11)
Aria Pennell
Charlotte Watson
Amelia Davies
Rani Huppatz
Sienna Porter
Amelie Di Mauro
Tara Mobius
Madison Gibbins
Ruby Noble-Lepore
Ruby Withers