Cheerio Netball Club

Please find below the Cheerio Team lists for the AMND 2021 Winter Netball Season.

It is great to see so many new and returning players. Congratulations to everyone!

Please Note:

  • Player movement may occur during during the first two weeks of training.
  • All positions are subject to players being financial (full fees paid or a payment plan organised), if you need to pay your fees or organise a payment plan please email the Treasurer at
  • If you have any issues with the selection, please follow the grievance procedure by completing the Application for Selection Review form available by clicking here and submitting it to the Secretary at No other means of communication regarding selections will be accepted.
  • If your name is not listed below and it should be please contact the Secretary, Barb Harrison at

Important Season Information:

  • Senior training will be held from 7.30pm to 9.00pm each week, commencing on Wednesday 10 March. This will run for four weeks before moving to Tuesday night from 6 April.
  • Junior training will be held from 6.00pm to 7.30pm each week, commencing on Tuesday 6 April.
  • All matches are played on Saturday’s at Netball SA Stadium, Mile End.
  • The season for all senior players will begin on 24 April.
  • Go, Primary, Sub Junior, Junior and Intermediate teams will play their first game on Saturday 15 May.

Your coach will be in contact with you as soon as possible, if you have any other queries please direct them to the Secretary, Barb Harrison at

Sports Vouchers

If you have a primary school aged child who has registered for the winter season you are now able to submit your 2021 School Sports Vouchers. Only 1 voucher can be used per calendar year and you can access this by clicking here. Please email your voucher to Nicole, our Treasurer at


Our uniforms are once again provided by Sportscenter, the dress, shorts and socks are compulsory items. You can access these and all uniform information here.


**Please note that positions are available in A Grade, promotions will occur based on preseason  and training performance.

A Grade**

Bree Burns

Michelle Betts

Molly Kirchner

Kelly Moyle

Mikayla Mills

Katelyn Pitt

Jade Traynor

Team 2

Sarah Fry

Samantha Webster

Tanysha Lodge

Amy Fry

Sophia Towers

Brigid Keane

Jo Victor

Courtney Leek

Alice Guy

Sarah Chandler

Heleana Rounis

Team 3

Grace Wood

Sarah Kilpatrick

Michaela Lyall

Chloe McCarthy

Ashley Saint – Tucker

Sunny Tucker

Sian Williams

Brooke Richardson

Alannah Williams


Klaudia O’Neill

Millie Eden

Ashlyn Sobey

Sarah Marsh

Taylah Freyer

Lana Priestly

Fevon Asefa

Meron Asefa

Milla Nyhuis


Team 1

Claire Emerson

Lily Clark

Veronica Keane

Ruby Snyders

Abbie Thompson

Scarlett Rylander

Alexis Halman

Emily Silvestri

Niamh Keane

Lili Hondow Robinson

Team 2

Sequoia Pitt

Ava Johnson

Amelie Vanderent

Maeve Hignett

Isabella Di Marco

Remy Randall

Amber Hallett

Montana Constanzo

Ella Chiera

Zoe Vaughan

Sasha Dinedios


Team 1                                       

Charlie Etherton

Cartier Wood

Holly Robertson

Holly Sobey

Stella Tooth

Zoe Emerson

Ruby Noble-Lepore

Nevada Costanzo

Millie Baxter

Team 2                             

Taylor Ryan

Sasha Glaros

Olivia Leek

Emily Vuong

Geraldine Mares

Alannah Kerley

Cate Zander

Sibella Voigt

Jaone Victor

Team 3

Rhiannon Borowski

Liljana Bowler

Kate De Sanctis

Scarlett Budgen

Freedom Bowering

Eloise Clarke

Lydia Park

Rebecca Stolz

Sophie Follett-Owler


Team 1

Ivory Girdham

Abbie Phillips

Alicia Crossman

Maddison Cadd

Leila Forozandeh

Angelina Hodgson

Evie Hamilton

Jessica Stolz

Georgia Leek

Team 2

Sofia Vlahos

Ashlinn Kearney

Emilia Wreczycki

Lacey Blucher

Ivy Hann

Erin Gray

Arin Morrison

Anke Schroeder

Ella Cornish


Ella Ieraci

Simune Schroeder

Amy Stolz

Lily Brock

Isabelle Dickson

Ivy Scott

Sophie Voight

Eva Keywood

Avah Martin