Cheerio Netball Club

Please find below the Cheerio Team lists for the AMND 2020 Winter Netball Season.

It is great to see so many new and returning players.
Congratulations to everyone!

You must officially accept your position by Friday 6 March by completing this online form – ACCEPT POSITION.

Please Note:

  • Due to the number of players that were unable to trial, player movement will be expected during the first two weeks of training.
  • All positions are subject to players being financial (full fees paid or a payment plan organised), if you need to pay your fees or organise a payment plan please email the Treasurer at
  • If you have any issues with the selection, please follow the grievance procedure by completing the Application for Selection Review form available by clicking here and submitting it to the Secretary at No other means of communication regarding selections will be accepted.
  • If your name is not listed below and it should be please contact the Secretary, Barb Harrison at

Important Season Information:

  • Senior training will be held from 7.30pm to 9.00pm each week and commences on Wednesday 4 March. This will run for 3 weeks before being transferred to Tuesday nights as of 24 March. Junior training will be held from 6.00pm to 7.30pm each week commencing on 24 March.
  • All matches are played on Saturday’s at Priceline Stadium, Mile End.
  • The season for all senior players will begin on 4 April. All seniors will also play on Thursday 4 June and 23 July due to the unavailability of courts on two Saturdays during the season.
  • Go, Primary, Sub Junior, Junior and Intermediate teams will play their first game on Saturday 2 May.
  • All players and parents are welcome to join us at out ‘Meet and Greet Night’ on Tuesday 24 March, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Priceline Stadium.

Your coach will be in contact with you as soon as possible, if you have any other queries please direct them to the Secretary, Barb Harrison at


A Grade

Jaimi Baker

Michelle Richards

Bree Burns

Taryn Kelly

Alana Metcalfe

Kelly Moyle

Lisi Saumi

Jaimee Trewartha

Megan Tscharke

Jade Traynor


Amy Fry

Sarah Fry

Edith Griesel

Alice Guy

Alisha Lyall

Lauren Sutton

Gracie Wood

Sarah Chandler

Kelsea Clarke


Tess Parker

Tamara Rogerson

Michaela Olds

Allanah Williams

Eliza Green

Brooke Richardson

Sarah Chandler

Cody Niemann

Chloe Walker

Kelsea Clarke

Amber McCulloch



Keane, Brigid

Lodge, Tanysha

Mohammadi, Kimia

Eden, Millicent

Mestrovic, Tiahna

Bonner Ebony

Sobey Ashlyn

Brindley Harriet

Sarah Marsh



Francesca Mares

Lana Priestly

Stella Jolly

Zoe Vaughan

Emma-rose Laundry

Tyra Mestrovic

Briella Miller

Taylah Freyer

Madeline Amos

Abbie Thompson

Amelie Vanderent


Team 1                                       

Claire Emerson

Charli Etherton

Veronica Keane

Holly Sobey

Emily Silvestri

Niamh Keane

Ruby Lepore Noble

Senae Creswell


Team 2                             

Lili Hondow-Robinson

Sasha Dinedios

Tailey Rawlins

Isabella Di Marco

Millie Baxter

Nicola Mares

Maeve Hignett

Divya Nadar

Arabella Caruso

Olivia Sterrey




Team 1

Holly Robertson

Ariana Dimovic

Rebecca Stolz

Zoe Emerson

Alanah Kerley


Team 2

Jessica Rynan

Tallyn McKay

Madison Cadd

Milan McMullen

Katelyn Farrow

Gabriella Marra

Evie Hamilton

Maggie Kubes





Team 1                                           

Ivory Gridham

Maple Hutton

Olivia Chetcutti

Erin Gray

Dakota Quigley

Sofia Vlahos

Emily Wreczycki


Team 2                                           

Charlotte McMullon

Eva Keywood

Amy Stolz

Jessica Stolz

Ashlin Kearney

Ivy Scott

Opal Grindham

Ava Botterill

Macy Wrobel

Ruby Parks

Ava Keays

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